Have you ever heard of the parable about the ant and grasshopper? It is a very wonderful story with a very touching ending and a moral lesson to boost. It tells about how the grasshopper, on the one hand, being happy-go-lucky all summer and never thinking about his future, while on the other hand the ant is diligently working hard and saving up all the food he could have his hands on during summer for the coming winter. The grasshopper kept on ridiculing the ant for not enjoying the summer, but the ant stayed on his ground and continued working. True enough, come winter, the grasshopper has hardly any food left. The ant, being abundant and with a kind heart, shared some of his food and his place to stay to the grasshopper. The story is a very wonderful eye-opener, indeed.

This story touches on the element of friendship and not only helping others during their times of need, but also being mindful enough to think about the future instead of enjoying the present moment too much. We all have to be very conscious of the looming future in order for us to be prepared for the worst that is yet to come. The story also touches not only the friendship element, but also family. Because we all know that we can always turn to our family during our times of need, but it shouldn’t be the case. We should be capable of being independent enough to be able to stand on our own. In fact, when we get older, we should be the ones repaying our parents for their goodness. Logically, such an action is not really necessary because our parents are always willing to have our backs, but it is nice to repay them for enduring with us after all those years of hardships.

The story also touches another element, that is size is never a standard for measuring ones significance. Just like the ant, despite its smallness, it was never a hindrance for it to work hard to survive. The ant may be small but it is industrious, and through its perseverance it was able to save up enough food for the winter, not only for itself but also for its friend, the grasshopper. The story has all the right elements. Life should not be treated as a vacation all the time. We should always be responsible for our actions because no matter what we do or say, there will always be other people who will be affected by it. We should take charge of our future as well and plan for it carefully in order for us to not be burdened by things that could have been avoided.

The willingness of the ant to help the grasshopper can really touch even the hardest heart. Being kind to others despite them not being kind in return is such a sweet act. The world would be a much better place if all the people living in it act like the ant in the story.

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