Friendship is one of the most beautiful and strong relationships humans have. However, human as we are, we are prone to errors and we are bound to mess up even in relationships. No matter how strong a bond or a relationship is, it is still vulnerable and may be broken, especially when misunderstandings occur. Friendship is one of those breakable bonds. There are various reasons why friendship ends. Some may be bad but there are also good reasons why it ended. Some friendships are reconcilable while there are those that have to have a permanent closure.

Mending a broken friendship is absolutely hard and will take some time, but is definitely possible and attainable. It needs the cooperation of both parties involve. Communication is essential in repairing a friendship. Do not be afraid to reach out first, but before anything else, allow some time for the wounds to heal. If it’s recent, let the dust rest first and give each other space. Do not rush on things and let each of you reflect on what happened. Think on why this friendship is important to you and why it needs to be restored. When both of you are ready, talk to each other about the way you feel, what upsets you, and what really happened. End the blame game and accept the situation as it is. Avoid being accusatory. Trying to point out who started the disagreement will only stir up tempers and instead of fixing your friendship, it will only worsen the situation. Just listen to each other’s sides and understand the circumstances. Also, visualize forgiveness. After listening to and recognizing each other’s reasons, you must be ready and willing to forgive. Give your ego a break, acknowledge your mistakes and offer a sincere apology. Even if you feel that it’s not your fault, please know that you have shared a part as well in the misunderstanding. Depending on the severity of the argument, going back to how the friendship used to be may be awkward. Do not assume that after your talk, everything will immediately go back to normal. Allow some time for it to settle down. In the end, if it’s worth it, with patience, willingness and positivity, it will happen. Also, try the things you usually do together. Take little steps like doing activities that require more talking and interaction. Doing a familiar activity will aid you in getting your friendship back on track.

Overcoming this rift may somehow be difficult and requires effort but in the end, it’s the result that counts. No man is an island. It’s pretty much a cliché saying but it holds truth as humans are born to socialize. We crave company that is why, even though it’s hurting us, we try to save relationships on the verge of closure. A friend, no matter how crazy, annoying, or weird he or she may be, is someone we still love unconditionally. Friendships are not perfect. Silly arguments and unwanted fights may arise from time to time but what is important is that both of you are willing and open to reconcile the differences and misundertandings.

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