When we were kids, our parents or family would read to us, telling us delightful stories. We just couldn’t help ourselves; we loved it. From the moment we heard the sound of our loved one’s voice reading and telling us a story, we were hooked, engaged, and listening to every word that was read. It was truly exciting.

It is not old fashion to read and tell a story even up to this day. It definitely still works wonders to for us and to for our children. It truly creates magic and much happiness. Reading can be done as simply as reciting the words from printed material or books, while storytelling can be through reading and sharing any good story. Reading and telling a story with children is a simple but good way to spend time together.

There are many benefits which reading and storytelling can bring to our children. Inculcating including good values in your child, brought about by the good message and lessons they gain from stories they hear. They really want to learn more about characters in a story and distinguish the positive virtues they can emulate. Telling children stories can also be a good venue for them to connect to and be aware of their family, culture and roots.

In addition, reading stories can usher the promotion of language, literacy and brain development. Children are more acquainted to with the words being told. They would also learn new and essential vocabularies which they can use. They would also be able to improve their listening skills since storytelling can capture their attention, and help them understand the meaning of the story. Listening to stories can also allow children to build and broaden their imagination. This will allow them to think about the story, and raise questions they want answered or clarified. It also enhances their creativity and memory skills.

Reading and storytelling with children can also help promote the development and understanding of their emotions and feelings. Children are able to communicate and express themselves more clearly. They are able to relate to others more positively. Reading aloud together with your children can strengthen relationships. It is a good, fun activity for bonding and interaction between parent and child. It becomes a sense of comfort for children. This allows them to feel secure, loved and accepted with their parents and family.

Realizing the various advantages of reading and storytelling, it is also important to make sure that every story shared is read and told in the right way. Parents are expected to take responsibility in channelling the correct message, reading and telling the stories to their children appropriately. Every story they tell is vital and an indispensable part in the child’s development.

In the end we should always consider and think about the needs of our children. Reading and telling a story should evolve accordingly and be delivered in a way that is more fun, encouraging and relevant. We should never forget to make this experience a loving and worthwhile one.

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