Why Nothing Should Be Impossible

A famous movie star named Audrey Hepburn once said:  “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible.'”

Children listen and believe what we tell them.  Their little minds are still growing and forming opinions about themselves by what they see and learn.  Audrey had a very important key in her quote.  “I’m Possible”  this is a very empowering expression to teach our children.  When children play and pretend, they are dreaming of what might one day be, therefore they explore, try and test the waters of many things.  Instilling in them the ability to imagine and dream is so important to childhood.  Confidence, trust and believing in themselves is learned this way thus, what better way to teach them to dream and believe nothing is limited, nothing is impossible.

Words mean so much to children.  What do we say to them when they say, I want to be a Ballerina, a jet pilot, a scientist, famous athlete or any number of things.  We should be positive, and respond with something like: that sounds exciting, I think you could do that, lets see how you can achieve this.  Find a book on the subject or make a list of ways to achieve this goal.  Go to a performance or event involving their interest.  Being involved in our children’s curiosities builds self worth in them, in this way they see their ideas are good and worth your time.  Doing this will build confidence and encourage them to explore.  I personally believe play and pretend is crucial to childhood.  In today’s world, with all the media so present in games and movies kids do not get as much time to create, pretend and explore, on their own, who they are or might become.

Importance of Reading Children’s Books

Children’s books are so important and choosing the right kind of book is vital.  Books can take you places, help you  explore everything or learn how to do just about anything.  Choose books that are positive and rewarding.  I have had parents come to me at book events and say, “my child is reading way beyond their age, they are reading novels for teens.”  I aways think, but should they be?  Just because the ability is there does not mean they do not need the children’s stories and lessons to learn about life relevant to their age.   I encouraged my children to read in this way, and made sure what they read was age appropriate, positive books.

Let them dream, make it fun to pretend.  I have two books on the subject that are very popular with children 4 – 8.  “I Think That I Would Like To Be…”  I wrote with boys in mind but some girls like this book as well.  It explores the future like, being a race car driver, a fireman, a pirate and many other things.  I also wrote, “I Dream That I May One Day Be” with girls in mind.  In this book we explore growing up to be a ballerina, a doctor, a teacher or possibly an athlete.  In these two books I encourage children to believe in themselves and dream about what might one day be.  Nothing is Impossible, so never stop dreaming!

Happy Reading!

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