Whether you are inside or outside your home, you see different people gifted with alluring charm and beauty and of course…. not so gifted. I know for sure you begin to observe yourself physically in front of a mirror. And, you become a critic on your own self.  Now you realize that there are things that are not made equal and this saddens you. If you accept and completely love yourself, this will not be a big deal. Certainly, this should not be considered as a problem.

You see that others are putting so much effort in enhancing their physical appearance right now especially living in a world so much influenced by social media. I can’t blame them on that since it does make them happy. It makes them proud, confident, and blessed. And it’s good thing to know that. However, one should familiarize and set limits within themselves. After all, I believe that the most attractive people I know are the ones who care less about their physical appearance and the ones who are aware that being physically attractive is not what makes them interesting or important. The reality is that being able to love or be loved and to be kind to everyone is what it takes to be “confidently beautiful”. People who accept you for “who you are and not what you are” are people who make a lasting relationship. This will truly make you happy in the end.

There are others, who to some extent have totally changed their looks through technology, still suffer from insecurities. They suffer from psychological problem relating to their appearance. What then went wrong? Is it still not enough? They might have changed their outlook in life together with the significant transformation of who they really are. They change because they want to be accepted and they end up being hypocrite who eventually gets exhausted yet not satisfied. They perceive that no matter what they do, there are still people who are more blessed than them. At the end of the day, character is still the most important trait a human being should possess. If you are real, loving, fun, and happy person despite the imperfections, you become more beautiful and worthy as a person.

Your goal to become physically attractive is not wrong. Simply because it means that you care about yourself. Of course, you need to be presentable when you socialize with others but you should have something more than your looks. Don’t let your appearance only define you as an individual. You need to make friends without pretentions because this will lead you to have a wholesome life. We are not getting younger. We grow old and eventually will have some wrinkles. The value of your beauty depreciates but the value of your relationships towards others appreciates through time. You’ll be remembered based on your wonderful personality. It is then more rewarding to live with compassion and gratitude. Accept your weaknesses and strive hard to become a better person. Keeping your heart kind and caring is the greatest asset you can attain.

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