Friendship is a mutual understanding between souls of two or more individuals. It’s a natural thing that one experiences. But there’s no question that we all experience difficulties at times making new friends.

Here are some of the helpful tips in making new friends.

  • Evaluate yourself. This is a crucial. You should first ask yourself if you are ready to welcome another person in your life. Asks yourself if you are willing to have someone share your experiences and make new memories together.
  • Have a good aura. This means that you must not have the “snob look”. If someone smiled or greeted you, please do have a welcoming This enables them to have a good impression of you. As much as possible, make yourself appear friendly in order for others to feel confident in approaching you, and building a connection.
  • Start with people you know. If you are not socializing that much, meeting or chatting with other people will be intimidating for you. So it is best to start with the people you know. This gives you experience and makes the chances of having difficulty with those you don’t know lower.
  • Reach out to acquaintances. Try to communicate with your friends, possibly ones whom you’ve lost in touch with. Set up a meet-up or drop a single “Hi.” text.
  • Accept invitations. If a friend asks you to go out, feel free to go as long as you have the free time. This enables you to expand your social circles of friends. It’s better to have fun with your friends rather than staying at home all alone.
  • Step out of yourself. Once you established your inner circle of friends, you must now acquaint yourself with other people you don’t know.
  • Going to parties or events such as birthday parties, celebration parties, etc. is a good way to expand your social circle and have a chance to meet other people that you don’t actually know.
  • Initiate the first step. If you’re at an event where there are a lot of people, don’t be afraid to take the initiative to say a simple “Hello”. This is a good start in welcoming new acquaintances.
  • Get to know the person. Start to know the person little by little. You can start by asking some questions about them, e.g., “What are your hobbies, where do you live, go to school, etc.?”. One must build a rapport for a long lasting and harmonious relationship.
  • Be open-minded. When you offer friendship, you should be open-minded. Don’t be quick to You should keep an open mind.
  • Always offer your shoulders. In times of troubles and sadness, you should be the one to offer your support and even your shoulder to cry on. This will let others know that you are true friend in times of joy and times of trouble.
  • Make an effort to keep in touch. In order for a relationship to grow and be lasting, don’t forget to keep in touch in you live in different places. During your free time, organize a meet-up and don’t forget to send an SMS.

Having good friends makes our lives extraordinary. We will have others we can count on in times of troubles, to share the good and the bad. We will always have someone by our side along our life’s journey.

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