As we travel life’s road, somewhere along the way we will meet or bump into many types of people. They all have an affect on us and can influence us differently. Some of them would bring pleasant manifestations and become our friends while others would show unexpected reactions that are likely to be negative. These somehow take a toll on our virtues that will either allow us to grow or cause us to be disheartened.

It is in our very nature that we desire acceptance. Human, as we are, we continuously thrive to find and have that sense of belonging. It is true! We all have this in us, a particular need to relate to and connect with others.

Acceptance is the act of being received whole-heartedly and with approval. It is the openness to forgive imperfections and transcend boundaries. Being accepted is often closely linked to being valued, respected and affirmed. This motivates our esteem that leads to being positive and having a good outlook in life.

But there is always a sad reality. Not all people can easily forgive or open doors to others. Some are highly judgemental to the point that they reject or ostracize other people. Some are just mean and express sarcasm in the way they treat and interact with others. Some even build walls and borders in their hearts to keep them apart from those who are in need of acceptance

Due to the fear of rejection, some would resort to trying to be like everyone else just to fit in. They put more energy into seeking acceptance. This often drives them to be more obsessed to act and behave like everyone else. They tend to be overshadowed by the worries and ideas of what other people think of them. They become more anxious with the way they are so that they tend to forget about who they really are inside, just to be one with the crowd. And even worse, they fade away and become invisible to this world.

It is inherent in all of us to be different from others and be unique. We should not take away our true identity because that makes us “us”. We should always bear in mind that we cannot please everyone as they are unique in the same way as we are. We should always realize that we have no hold on how others react and project themselves to us. So, instead of covering up, we should always be genuine to ourselves and to our friends.

Our desire for acceptance should not diminish our real self-worth but instead it should build our confidence. Let’s face it! There are times that we can be rejected but that should not break us. Instead we must grow and learn from our experiences as well as cope with rejection. We should put more value and significance on being true and being more compassionate, both to ourselves and to our friends, to love and be loved in order for us to have a worthwhile and meaningful life.

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