In this great big world we all live in circles. Somewhere along the way we will meet someone or a group of people that will truly have a genuine effect and a positive impact on us. Some may even be unexpectedly become our dearest friend who will embrace us for who we are.


To gratefully share kindness is to win the heart of a friend. Kindness is a choice. It may not always be an easy choice but it is always our choice. It takes one to have certain courage and strength. And even more, it requires one to have humility, patience and, in the most difficult times, sacrifices. Our hearts’ willingness to give, accept and respect will reciprocate to unconditional love that will beautifully bind a friend to a friend.


In all the things that we do we should go out of our way to be kind. Kindness speaks our hearts’ generous desire. The goodness in everything we do reflects and radiates everything we feel and comforts the hearts of our friends. We should always be true with our actions no matter how big or small they may be. Caring for a friend should always be expressed in the sincerest form.


Friendship is an authentic bond of beautiful souls. It takes no religion or age. It sets no boundaries and bridges gap. Our friends are more like our families. We should not take them for granted. Instead, we should spend time and experience every moment with them. We should not hesitate to express kindness. Some of the valuable ways to practice kindness are brought about even in simple acts. By giving a smile to your friend, you can already warm his or her heart. You can make them feel good with genuine greetings and conversations. You can also be thoughtful to them by being with them and sharing some good suggestions when they feel confuse. These will somehow allow you to relate more with them.


Another example of the things that you can do to care for a friend is by being gracious and truthful. It reveals much about you and your character and will in turn build trust. You should be more accepting of the imperfections in your friends and be more compassionate to them. You can also be a helping hand and a source of their strength in times of weak and down moments. You should freely be with them not only in their happiest days but also in the darkest hours of their lives. Encourage them to walk forward and listen to what they need to say. Support them and allow them to find hope and have faith. You should be a reliable friend. Sharing something of what you have without expectations and volunteering to do something without compulsion are among the simplest charitable acts that you can openly give.


You should always realize that you are capable of being kind to your others. We choose to be kind not because we need to but because it is who we are, or should be. You should always remember that good friends allow you to be your true self. In the end, friendship is a gift of connecting with the other people without conditions.


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